Let’s build a clean energy future together.

Illustration by Ngadi Smart

Community solar allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without installing solar panels on their home. With SharePower™, you purchase clean energy from a local community solar project and share solar power and savings with your income-qualified neighbors.

  • Subscribe To Locally-Produced Clean Energy

    SharePower community solar uses energy generated by a solar array at a local church, apartment complex, or open land site in your community.

  • Support Energy Equity

    SharePower subscribers make it possible for income-qualified households and other disadvantaged communities to receive affordable clean energy.

  • Receive A Tax Deduction For Your Contribution

    A portion of your subscription fee is a tax-deductible donation that helps income-qualified households receive up to $500 a year in no-cost electricity bill savings.

  • Joining Is Easy

    Joining Is Easy

    We put people first, and SharePower™ community solar subscriptions are available to anyone who pays an electricity bill, whether you rent or own your home.

    • Simple online enrollment process 
    • Flat monthly fee for a fixed-size community solar share
    • You receive a monthly solar production credit on your electricity bill
    • No long term contracts
    • No rooftop installation required
    • No credit checks or minimum credit scores 
    • No cancellation fees: If you move or need to cancel for any reason, there are no penalties or cancellations fees
    • Receive a tax deduction for your contribution to income-qualified households

Hear from our subscribers.

For once, peace of mind, not constantly worrying about the cost of utilities. I would like to stress that this is a wonderful program.


Empowered Subscriber in DC

You're my knight in shining armor. I just want other people to know that this option is available to them and to find out whether they can get in on it too because it really does benefit all.


Empowered Subscriber in DC

It made me feel like I was contributing to the bigger solution to curbing global warming.


Empowered Subscriber in DC

I have truly benefited from Groundswell providing me solar energy. The support team is great! They have taken me by the hand through the process and returned my calls, texts and/or emails.


Empowered Subscriber in DC

It’s not just the bill, but also having heat, having air, and saving money. I will tell everybody to just get involved and help the environment. We are helping each other.


Empowered Subscriber in DC

I like it because it's better for the environment, and it's cheaper. And it will be better on the air and in the world.


Empowered Subscriber in DC

I am thankful for the Empowered program, as it was a generous way to directly introduce me to sustainable solar energy benefits through Groundswell's Paddington Square program. This program was introduced to my family when we needed it most.


Empowered Subscriber in DC

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